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ErasmusJobs final conference cover

ErasmusJobs final conference: bridging from mobility to the labour market

On 7th December, the ErasmusJobs final conference took place, gathering project partners, students, university and...

8 December 2021

ErasmusJobs final conference cover

ErasmusJobs final conference: registrations are open!

The conference aims to bring project target groups and partners together while looking at real-life examples and having input from participants of the past...

15 November 2021

Group picture with training participants in Brno

ErasmusJobs Training helps students build their path to the labour market

ErasmusJobs Training, which took place in Brno from 17th to 19th September, was an opportunity for students to discuss...

6 October 2021

Close-up picture of people working together with laptops and papers

Training for Career Officers: the presentations are now available

26 March 2021

Close-up picture of people participating in a training

Training for Career Officers: registrations are open!

The training will take place online on March 24th and 25th. For further info and registration, click on the picture above.

17 March 2021

Screenshot of the videocall with participants of the Feb 18th meeting.

Join our trainings!

18 February 2021

Screenshot of the videocall with participants of the meeting.

Skills gained by students on Erasmus+ mobility: research reports are now available!

8 December 2020


Find info and register for trainings here.

Training for career officers cover

Check out the program here.

Training for students and volunteers cover

Check out the article about the training here

Training for employers cover

Check out the program here

Research Report

Find reports and booklets here.

Literature review report cover
Literature review E+ skills and labour market

Analysis with multiple sources of information - relevant papers & authors, studies, and surveys to define the skills provided by Erasmus+ mobility.

Common skills report cover
Common skills gained through E+ mobility

Mobility Tool Survey analysis of Erasmus+ alumnii from university partners with a common perspective, obtaining the skills and competences gained.

Skills Labour market needs report cover
Skills Labour market needs

Qualitative field research amongst employers in order to find out what are the main skills employers look for when hiring young graduates.

Mapping and matching of E+skills report cover
Mapping and matching of E+skills

Complete report mapping skills gained by Erasmus students and matched with the transversal skills sought for by employers.

Competence booklet report cover
Competence booklet

An infographic booklet with essential data of the competence profile obtained by Erasmus students to quickly show relevant information.

Policy recommendations report cover
Policy recommendations to better support Erasmus+ Alumni.

Policy recommendations to boost the main competencies young graduates need to develop further to match employers’ needs.

What is ErasmusJobs?

Participating in a mobility experience increases the long term employability of students (Erasmus Impact Study 2014). However, at the same time, youth in Europe is facing huge challenges to find a job right after graduation due to the challenging labour market and the lack of skills and working experience. For employers, a mobility experience is generally considered an asset as 64% believe international experience is important, but eventually, the obtained transversal skills and knowledge are the aspects that matter the most (92%). Why are the skills gained through a mobility experience not clear and why does this lack of recognition still exist?

In response to this, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is launching ErasmusJobs, an Erasmus+ KA2 project, to bridge the skills gap for the Erasmus Generation. The project is a collaborative cross-European partnership between ESN, Masaryk University, Leo-Net, Universidad de Alcala, European Institute for Industrial Leadership, Université de Mons, European University Foundation, Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", and Expertise in Labour Mobility B.V.


The ErasmusJobs project aims to bridge the skills gap and enhance the transition from education to the labour market. Building on the core principle that a mobility experience reduces long-term unemployment, the project aims to clearly identify the skills gained during a stay abroad and make those more understandable by employers. In order to achieve that, ErasmusJobs brings together many stakeholders to ensure a future of employable Erasmus+ alumni.

Identify skills

Identify skills

Identify the skills obtained during an international mobility and translate these to the CV and labour market

Create tools

Create tools

Create tools to identify such skills and work on the recognition of skills with employers and the industry

Raise awareness

Raise awareness

Create a common understanding of how these skills can be mapped and raise awareness among employers

Create a platform

Create a platform

Create a platform for all involved stakeholders to advertise, recognise and recruit for specific transversal key competences

Project timeline

November 2019 - September 2021

  • Image of a person writing on paper.

    Nov. 2019 - Oct. 2020

    A comprehensive Competence Profile

    We will assess which skills are acquired during an Erasmus+ mobility abroad, map the skills employers seek and make a comparative analysis of the two, highlighting the concrete benefits that Erasmus+ brings for participants. Furthermore, a competence booklet will be produced, next to a report and policy recommendations on how to better support Erasmus+ Alumni.

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    Nov. 2019 - Aug. 2021

    The Job Platform for the Erasmus Generation

    The job platform will help students in the creation of an attractive profile, highlighting the various skills gained through mobility experiences, volunteering and other extracurricular activities. At the same time, the detailed profile will help employers to recruit talent with matching skills and experiences. Finally, the job platform will also provide career offices and universities with a concrete tool to support students in the creation of a competence profile and the transition to the labour market.

  • Image of a dashboard with notes.

    May 2020 - Sep. 2021

    Training Toolkit

    The toolkit will further ensure that students are aware of their skills, raise awareness in the industry, support the career offices and promote the various outcomes of the project through training content. It will contain methodologies and training outlines for participants to be able to replicate the different workshops and multiply the effects and impact of this training.

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    Aug. 2020 - Apr. 2021

    Best practices for students & employers

    The project will work to translate all the outcomes of the research, competency profiling and skills mapping, to easy understandable and implementable best practices.

  • Image of people working together looking at a screen and a dashboard with notes.

    Mar. 2021 - Sept. 2021

    Training for career officers, employers and students

    Three training sessions will take place to share best practices, disseminate the research outcomes, introduce the platform and discuss how to develop awareness on the acquired skills.

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